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The big WHY

Why we do things is the driving force that will either keep us moving forward or stop in our tracks.

I used to do almost everything in my life for other people. I thought it would bring me joy and happiness. In some ways it did. I do get a sense of euphoria when something I did makes someone else feel good about themselves. It's part of the reason why I became a trainer and coach. It helps people make a real impact on their lives.

But when it came to helping myself... well... I always put myself on the backburner. Especially my health and wellness.

Then, one day, this little plastic device stared at me with two little pink lines. My world had a whole new purpose. A whole new person to commit my life to and make sure that they have everything they need to be happy in life.

It wasn't long after that beautiful child was born that I realized that in order to help this tiny human become the best version of themselves, I would need to become the best version of myself. And that is when my journey with my own health and fitness started.

I knew that my mental health was directly affected by my nutrition and activity habits. I knew my patience and stress levels were dependent on my sleep quality. I know my blood pressure, blood sugar, and overall health was dependent on everything I do.

I learned through trial and error, what kind of fitness programs worked for me, what nutrition plans best suited my lifestyle and goals. And soon enough, I was earning certifications, back in school, and helping others, like you.

The roads we walk in life are never straight. There are bends, U-turns, hills, and valleys that we must navigate to ultimately get to our destination. And no matter the terrain or the weather, what will keep us going is our whys.

My, why is my child. I want to be the best possible mother to her and that includes being there for her when she has her own children.

The Andrea Justine Fitness Facebook Community is on Day 2 of the founder's end of year challenge. Join us and share your why for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

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