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Andrea Justine

Being "fit" is more than looking good in the mirror.

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Hi, I’m Andrea

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

As a single mother, business owner, coach, and student, I know the challenges of trying to improve your health when you have 32 hours of responsibilities to fit into a 24 hour day.

Let's Get Started.

Beyond Fitness

Transform Yourself From The Inside Out.

Being “fit” is more than looking good in the mirror. It’s improving mobility, strength, speed, endurance, and body composition. Whatever your goals are, I am here to help you achieve them. Even if you are not ready to work with a fitness professional, is always adding new content to educate, inform, inspire, and hopefully get people to think critically about some of the wacky ideas out there in the fitness and nutrition industry.

"Andrea got me motivated and focused on my health, while being busy with my family." - TP

"It's not just the weight loss, it's the confidence and knowledge that she helps me build each session." - EB

"She personalized remote routines, helped improve my form and importantly, stay motivated to achieve my goals!" - TB

"If you need accountability, she is your gal. Part drill sergeant, part support system, part teacher." - AL 

"One hour exercise with Andrea helps me more than three hours by myself." - ZP


Let's be social!

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